This is Schyst resande

Schyst resande is a network advocating sustainable travel with a holistic approach. We highlight how tourism can do better by people, local communities and the environment.

What we do

The network of Schyst resande focusses on various aspects of tourism, emphasizing ecological, social as well as economic sustainability.

We believe that tourism can be a catalyst for development in many countries – but that requires that the travel industry, as well as individual travellers, assume greater responsibility for the impact of travel on people and planet.

Member organisations

The network of Schyst resande is a non-profit collaboration between seven organisations. Each of them provides their distinct perspective on human rights issues related to travelling. The organisations are:

Unionen, Sweden's largest trade union

Childhood, a non-profit organisation working to prevent violence and sexual abuse against children.

Fair Action, a non-profit organisation pushing Swedish companies to take responsibility for their impact on people and the environment.

The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Workers' Union, a trade union for employees in hotels, restaurants and entertainment establishments.

Union to Union, the Swedish trade union movement’s organisation for international development cooperation.

RealStars, a non-profit organisation working to prevent sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The IOGT-NTO movement, a non-profit organisation which envisions a life free from harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

Reports in English

Some of our material is in English – see all of our publications here.


Contact Helena Myrman, Project leader of Schyst resande


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